Thu, Apr 17, 2014

179 days left till Hajj 2014

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Agent :Premier Hajj Tours


  • By : asd
  • Created Date : 07-03-2014

Agent :Labaik Tours

  • By : ali
  • Created Date : 05-03-2014

Agent :Labaik Tours

the leader was totally disoriented himself ,could not speak any Arabic to the Saudi people ,the hotels were totally mass. People waited 5pm till morning just to get their rooms.The owner /leader brought imam who was making lectures out of Hajj text, most of us did not attend the lectures.Leader was complaining that he lost money on this hajj trip so he had to sell his wife's gold, this means he is not experience in hajj business., which he should not do . My advice to people save ur hajj find a better group, do not spoil ur hajj.

  • By : mohamad ali
  • Created Date : 05-03-2014

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